Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Conway, Agnes  27 Jun 1903Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1814
2 Crowley, Annie  c 1890Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11029
3 Crowley, Arthur Dobson  12 Sep 1909Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1813
4 Crowley, Charlotte  c 1884Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11027
5 Crowley, Charlotte Frances  28 Aug 1905Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1811
6 Crowley, Ellen  c 1880Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11025
7 Crowley, Elsie  Dec 1907Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1812
8 Crowley, Frederick  1918Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11067
9 Crowley, John  c 1888Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11028
10 Crowley, Lilian  25 Dec 1913Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I712
11 Crowley, Margaret Ann(e)(ie)  24 Nov 1916Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I4
12 Crowley, Mary  c 1883Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11026
13 Crowley, Mary Elizabeth  Sep 1903Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1810
14 Crowley, Nathaniel  1900Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1808
15 Crowley, Richard Dobson Taylor  1898Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1809
16 Crowley, Richard Edward Dobson  18 Oct 1877Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I471
17 Crowley, Rose   I472
18 Crowley, Sara(h) G(reta)  12 Aug 1911Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I711
19 Crowley, William Raymond  28 Apr 1927Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11070
20 Gathercole, Gordon Michael  18 Sep 1954Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I718
21 Gathercole, Graham J.   I717
22 Gathercole, Roy K.   I716
23 McGrath, Craig  1952Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11061
24 Newstead, Frank  1856Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I3443


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Conway, Agnes  1981Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1814
2 Crowley, Charlotte Frances  1982Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1811
3 Crowley, Elsie  1915Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1812
4 Crowley, Frederick  1920Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11067
5 Crowley, Nathaniel  Mar 1913Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1815
6 Crowley, Nathaniel  1962Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I1808
7 Crowley, Richard Edward Dobson  1954Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I471
8 Crowley, Sara(h) G(reta)  1989Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I711
9 Crowley, William Raymond  1993Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I11070
10 Gathercole, Gordon Michael  1978Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND I718
11 Gathercole, James Ikin   I714


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crowley / Conway  1921Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND F220
2 Crowley / Quilliam  1934Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENGLAND F3773
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