The Camerons of Fassifern


John Cameron of Fassifern was born c. 1698. The son of Sir Ewen Dubh Cameron 17th Chief of the Clan Cameron and 5th of Lochiel, he was one of 8 recorded children, including Donald Cameron (successor to Sir Ewen) and Dr Archibald Cameron who was executed at Tyburn in London in 1753. John of Fassifern had eleven know children, one of whom was Donald Cameron. Donald was born around 1743, but details with regards his marriages are sketchy. It is supposed and likely, but as yet not fully proven, that he had 5 wives with one of his sons being John Cameron of Kilmodan, born around 1760 – this John was my four times great grandfather. Having started this project purely on a personal basis, the whole site now covers much more than just my particular branch of the family, offering a focal point for other Cameron families as yet not published in both the UK and abroad. As with all research, errors and omissions do occur. If you notice any, or wish to contribute new data, amendments, documentation, pictures etc, please contact me via the link at the top of the page. All contributions will be gratefully received….BUT…unfortunately due to other commitments, these may take some while to address – so please be patient. PLEASE NOTE: The tree lists have now changed or are in the process of being changed. My main family is “Fassifern Direct”. Other non-related or as yet not connected trees are now being pulled from “Fassifern Direct” and given their own tree titles (see drop-down list in advanced search).

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