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201 Adopted her brother's (Patrick Kenneth's) son Eoin after the death of Eoin's mother at childbirth in 1920. Eoin Cameron then became Eoin Cameron Leitch (see I11363)... Cameron, Norah (I11074)
202 Adopted son of Catharina Meyer Morton, Arthur (Adopted) (I5042)
203 Adopted son of Catharina Meyer Morton, Arthur (Adopted) (I5042)
204 Ag. lab at Foyers, Boleskine, Inv., in 1841; Chelsea pensioner there 1851 Cameron, Simon (Symon) (I7693)
205 Ag. lab. in 1851, living with his family.

Death not found in Scotland after 1855. Presumed dead by 1884. 
Cameron, Alexander (I4003)
206 Ag. lab. in 1851, living with his family.

Death not found in Scotland after 1855. Presumed dead by 1884. 
Cameron, Alexander (I4003)
207 Aldeburgh, Suffolk Dowler, Rev Henry (I10867)
208 Alexander Cameron, was licenced by the Presb. of Glasgow 6 Jan 1819 & ord. by the Presby. 24 Nov same year as missionary at Tarbet, pres. to the parish of Kilchoman by George IV in July and adm. 16 Sept 1824; he got a new church built 1825. On adhering to the Protest, joining the Free Secession and signing the deed of Demission, he was declared no longer a minister of the Church 24th May 1843. Publications - Account of the Parish (New Statistical Account - very full) - Fasti Ecc. His will registered 2 Jul 1872 describes him as residing at the Free Church Manse, Kilchoman
m. 2 Apr 1836, Kilcalmonell & Kilberry, Mary Stiles b. ca 1807 England. dau. of Carter Stiles. Registry office search finds no BMD for Carter Stiles.
On Mary Stiles death registration, her father is stated as "customs officer" deceased. for more details see Carter Stiles.....

Cameron, Rev Alexander (I38)
209 All 3 brothers were out in '15 Cameron, John (I9820)
210 All 3 brothers were out in '15 Cameron, John (I9820)
211 All children have documental provenance on file Cameron, Robert (I8688)
212 All data for this family has been sourced from "Charles Cameron - Architect to the Court of Russia" by Isobel Rae (published 1971 - ISBN 0 236 15423 0) Cameron, Charles (I1)
213 All data for this family verified via SP and AUK Cameron, Alexander (I10734)
214 All documentation for this family is on file to upload

Cameron, Hugh (I1)
215 All family records from BMDs Cameron, Rev. William (I10265)
216 All information regarding Henry Thomas, family and children kindly supplied by P Haynes. Cameron, Henry Thomas (I10047)
217 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cameron, John (I1)
218 All shown data on this family is fully provenanced - I have other data availbale but requiring clarification Cameron, Lt. Commander Robert R. N. (I4502)
219 Allan Cameron's will mentions his brother Donald of Strontian, so father Donald had two sons.

Ref: SJ Dec 2 2016
Cameron, Donald (I5530)
220 Allan M'Ian a Voddich Cameron, Allan 4th of Erracht (I306)
221 also called Donald Mackenzie Cameron - Lived Devils Peak, Table Valley, Dingwall Cottage, Rondelbosch. Royal Engineers Dept Cameron, Donald (I5016)
222 also called Donald Mackenzie Cameron - Lived Devils Peak, Table Valley, Dingwall Cottage, Rondelbosch. Royal Engineers Dept Cameron, Donald (I5016)
223 Also married 6 Jul 1850 in Scotland Shewell, Ann (I4783)
224 Also note there was a Sanders Cameron b. 1738 in Crieff (father John Cameron) Cameron, John (I1)
225 Although not proven, it is likeley that these parents are correct from dates and maiden name Paulett (mis-transcribed as Pautett) for Harriet and Roberts son George. Family F3691
226 An unconfirmed source suggests descent from Camerons of Erracht.
The death at Culloden is also a family story, which may not be based on fact. The only John Cameron reported in the "Muster Roll" as dying there is of the Callart family - another possibility for his origins.
Details ref: Dr Robert Cameron 
Cameron, John (I6315)
227 Ancestor of Camerons in Ferintosh area of Ross-shire.
He is said to have moved there as servant to a daughter of Lochiel who married a McKenzie "in the latter part of the 16th Century", settling at Mulcaich.
(ref: Dr Robert Cameron) 
Cameron, Donald (I6489)
228 Ancestor of Line [Alex11] ALEXANDER CAMERON from KEITH

Cameron, John (I7577)
Surname BEATON
Date 19370000
Reference 260/38
Source Master of the Supreme Court, Pretoria (MHG)
Source Location National Archives, Pretoria (TAB)
ID 174436

«b»DEPOT«/b» TAB
«b»TYPE«/b» LEER
«b»VOLUME_NO«/b» 0
«b»SYSTEM«/b» 01
«b»REFERENCE«/b» 260/38
«b»PART«/b» 1
«b»STARTING«/b» 19370000
«b»ENDING«/b» 19370000
Travers-Jackson, Muriel Frances (I2220)
230 And of Acharn in Morvern. In 1743 he went abroad, by 1746 "he is bedridden with the Palsy for many years".
He was served heir to his father in 1732 
Cameron, John 4th of Glendessary (I214)
231 Andrew Harriott (Harry) Cyril Venn.
Was born in September 03 1894 and died 5 months later at KensingtonPark.
He was buried at the West Terrace cemetery February 02 1895 alongwith h is father Andrew, mother Sarah, brother Harry George and sisterRose Ethe l. The headstone refers to him as Harry Cyril. . 
Venn, Andrew Harriot Cyril (Harry) (I2154)
232 Andrew Harriott Charles Venn.
Was born January 07, 1855 at Lipson Street, Port Adelaide.

Andrew Harriott Charles Venn.
Was born January 07, 1855 at Lipson Street, Port Adelaide.
On November 23 1878, at the age of 24 years, he married Sarah Wigzell,al so 24 years, at St. Andrew's Church, Walkerville SA.
In 1881 he is listed as a "dealer" in Queen Street Norwood then in1882 a nd 1883 he is listed as "warehouseman", probably with Arthurand Company L imited, of Queen Street Norwood.
In 1884 he moved to "Dalkeith" 15 (now 21) Pembroke Road KensingtonPa rk Marryatville where he stayed until 1920. Dalkeith, named afterhis gra ndfather Andrew Harriott's farm at Noarlunga, was near theterminus of t he Kensington Road horse tram.
AHC spent 50 years with the Adelaide branch of Arthur and Company, anAgen cy for a Scottish firm which sold fabrics, furnishings, floorcoverings a nd drapery. AHC was both Manager and Commercial Travellerfor the small Ag ency and spent many weeks of the year travellingaround South Australia a nd Western Victoria. RW's son Colin remembershis father telling him abo ut rushing around and cleaning things upwhen his father was to due retu rn from his selling trips.(MichaelVenn, Ms. "An Australian Family Herita ge." Revised 3 February 1995.)
From 1891 until 1915 he is listed as the manager of Arthur and Co Ltd, at Universal Bldg, 14 Grenfell St Adelaide and then from 1912 to1915 t he company's address is Lindes Lane, Rundle Street. AHCcontinued making t he selling trips until around 1915 when his sonRobert from Renmark and to ok over as manager. AHC continued workingas a semi-retired clerk. From 19 18 until 1920 he is listed as a"clerk", Dalkeith (1920 is the last listi ng in the SA Almanac).
Alan Richardson remembered that AHC would announce himself at Arthurand C ompany as "John the Baptist". (Michael Venn, Ms. "An AustralianFamily He ritage." Revised 3 February 1995.)
Around 1920 AHC sold "Dalkeith" to finance a shop in Woolnough RoadExet er where he and Sarah lived until around 1923 when they sold upand mov ed to a flat at Marryatville. The racehorse trainer who ownedthe flat, ne ar Victoria Park, stabled his horses at the rear.

On December 30 1878 AHCV( "Entry," Register Old System Titles OfficeAdel aide SA. No. 238 Book 312. 31/12/1878.) and his mother AV took a12 lea se on the Edinburgh Castle Hotel from William Knox Simms at aweekly rent al of £4. AHCV is described as a licensed victualler inthe Memorial.
Then on August 29 1879 ( "Entry," Register Old System Titles OfficeAdelai de SA. No. 40 Book 333. 29/08/1879.) he assigned his interestin the lea se to his mother, AV, for the sum of 10/-

On June 19 1886 Richard Shugg, a Parkside mason, mortgaged a block ofla nd in Unley Street to AHC for £100, at a rate of £8% payable halfyearly.
"All that piece of parcel of land part of All that piece of landcontaini ng by admeasurement two acres and a quarter (more or less)Portion of Prel iminary Section of County land No 240 in theProvincial Survey of County l and in the said Province marked with theletter B, and being lot N o. 5 of the sub-division of the said twoacres and a quarter into Allotmen ts and is bounded on the North byAllotment No.6 South by Allotment N o. 4 East by other Portion of thesaid Section 240 and West by the Unley R oad and contains in breadthfrom North to South at the East and West en ds thereof forty feet orthereabouts and in length from East to West on t he North and Southsides thereof two chains and twenty seven links (mo re or less) as thesaid piece or parcel of land with its abuttals and boun daries is moreparticularly delineated in the Plan in the margin of Conve yancedated 30 June 1852 and made between Thomas Terry of the one part a ndthe said Richard Shugg of the other part registered No 214 Book 41."(" Entry," Register Land Titles Office Adelaide SA. No 224 Book 377.19/06/18 86.)
AHC had the right of sale in the case of default and the Memorialcites re ference DXXIV - 130.

On September 18 1890 ( "Entry," Register Land Titles Office Adelaide SA. No 17 Book 405. 18/09/1890.) AHCV assigned his seventh share interest in the land and premises of the Edinburgh Castle Hotel to the SouthAus tralian Brewing, Malting and Wine and Spirit Company Limited forthe s um of £475. He was described as a Draper of the Arcade,Adelaide.
The Memorial cites the Will of Andrew Harriott (registered No 238 Book40 3) and that of Ann Venn (registered No 41 Book 333).
RW's son Colin notes that his father contributed to the upkeep of AHCa nd Sarah as there was no social security schemes in the 1920. Healso not es that AHC was a stooped, "old, old man" with a walrusmoustache, bandy l egs and walked with a stick. However when nobodywas looking he could " go like the wind". ( Michael Venn, Ms. "AnAustralian Family Heritage ." Revised 3 February 1995.)
On April 29 1928 he died, aged, 73 years at South Kensington and wasburi ed on May 01("Lease 3046," Register of Burials. West TerraceCemetery Adel aide SA, Road 5 Path 30 west Plot 19/20.) in the WestTerrace cemetery. T he headstone on the graves has the followinginscription;
" Andrew Harriott Charles Venn
died 29/04/1928 aged 73.
Sarah Venn
died 18/05/1929 aged 74
Rose Ethel 01/01/1910
Harry Cyril."
There is no mention on the headstone of Harry George Venn who wasburied t here March 15 1885. 
Venn, Andrew Harriott Charles (I2126)
233 Anglo Boer War records
Casualty details: Wounded Slightly on 18 May 1901 at Commando Drift (Official casualty roll location: Commando Drift)
Unit: 19 Company (Lothian) 6 battalion Imperial Yeomanry
Source: South African Field Force. JB Hayward & Sons

Cameron, William Tupper (Jock) (I5157)
234 Angus: of Kilmallie / Catherine: of Ardchattan Family F3942
235 Anne Stella Alford was registered as a Associate, Royal British Institute of Architects (A.R.I.B.A.).«sup»1«/sup» Her married name became Acland. Alford, Anne Stella (I610)
236 Appear on 1861 Scottish census only Cameron, William (I11449)
237 Appears on England Electoral Register 1934-1936 St Marylebone - Enid Rita Aveling Dunlop

Cameron, Enid Rita Aveling (Dolly) (I28)
238 Appears on father John's 1851 Census at Ardchapel - Catharine McAulay and William McAulay (g/son) Cameron, Catharine (I11485)
239 Appears on the UK Navy Lists for 1911 to 1915 up to Sub-Lt. Cameron, Douglas Stuart Francis (I10712)
240 Apprenticed as civil engineer and later worked in Russia under a Cossack guard for 5 months Cameron, Duncan (I9223)
241 Apprenticed as engineer in a screw factory Cameron, Allan (I9228)
242 Archibald's mother stated as Catherine Currie rather than Janet Currie - due to other provenanced facts this is an error Family F3929
243 Arrived 1839, on "Boyne", (birth date stated as Nov 1798), as shepherd and was overseer for Macarthur at "Richlands". Settled at "Monkey Creek", Taralga, NSW. Cameron, George (I7872)
244 Arrived 1839, on "Boyne", (birth date stated as Nov 1798), as shepherd and was overseer for Macarthur at "Richlands". Settled at "Monkey Creek", Taralga, NSW. Cameron, George (I7872)
245 Arrived at Moreton Bay in 1854, direct from Sydney, where he came with his wife and children on "Panthea" Cameron, Alexander (I2355)
246 Arrived Australia 1847 per "Derwent".
Left for England 1852. He was principal of St Peter's Collegiate School, Adelaide, later vicar of Pavenham 
Wilson, Rev Theodore Percival (I5473)
247 Arrived Australia with his family 28 Feb 1839, on "British King" Cameron, Donald (I8172)
248 Arrived in Australia @ Rockhampton per "Selkirkshire" 1882 Cameron, Ann Carmichael (I10007)
249 Arrived in Australia @ Rockhampton per "Selkirkshire" 1882 Cameron, Ann Carmichael (I10007)
250 Arrived in Australia per "Zamora" 1881 Cameron, Margaret Fletcher (I10008)

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